The next-gen technology engine powering our banking around the world.

TymeX develops re-usable assets that are constantly optimised and can be easily replicated across our countries, enabling our banks to be built and scaled rapidly across the globe.

An end-to-end model that powers multi-country banking operations.

From building the bank to running the platform, Tyme Group puts in place an expert team of engineers, designers and problem solvers to grow and scale with the bank. Delivering replicable results, customised to the unique needs of each market.
Future-ready digital banking

Innovation meets stability

We re-think what it means to be a next-generation bank. With a scalable banking platform that is easily deployed in our selected countries, along with specialised teams with deep product familiarity, we evolve faster and more efficiently, while maintaining stability 24/7, 365 days a year.

Rapidly launch and iterate digital capabilities

Our teams live and breathe working efficiently. Enabled by a culture of agility that lets them iterate quickly and efficiently for rapid innovation and lower costs.

Banks that scale but costs that don’t

We build assets to be reused from one bank to the next. Just tweaked and optimised for each market. Time and time again. Bringing costs down and efficiency up.

Flexibility for in-country localisation

We build reusable, proprietary assets that can be quickly adapted and deployed across multiple countries.

Ready to take on the world with scalable technologies and infrastructure.

Rapid Delivery

Microservice Architecture

Scale up


Iterate & Improve

Continuous Code

Service Reliability

Automated testing

flexible & secure

Fully cloud hosted

improved customer experience

Asynchronous Messaging

Partnering with the best in market

Discover the Tyme
Group Story

We are a multi-country digital banking group focused on bridging the digital divide in emerging markets, by integrating into physical retail ecosystems. We are driven by the conviction that broadening economic participation unlocks human potential.