Next-gen banking, now.

Build, operate, and scale the next-gen bank faster, affordably, and with less risk. With Tyme’s proprietary technology architecture and relentless agility.

Many players, one team

There’s one way to make what we do, better and faster. And that’s deep integration with partner ecosystems, forming a symbiotic relationship. So we can do what it takes in no time at all.

Happiness and reliability, always

Beyond disrupting banking, we believe in making your life easier, faster, better. From getting your salary earlier for less. Or seamlessly integrating innovative products with legacy systems. For a better banking experience, it’s always Tyme.

Spend less time building, more time scaling

We’re always getting better. That’s not a promise, it’s just the truth. We take the learnings from the banks we’ve built, then optimise and replicate it in our next bank. So we’re always ahead. And always bettering our best.

Creating a holistic product suite for an individual’s financial needs


Easy, convenient and affordable day-to-day cash deposits / withdrawals, electronic transfers, card swipes and other value-added services.


We make saving fun. Gamify your savings with goal-oriented savings plans.


We believe better interest rates should be available to everyone. So we made it happen.


Complete protection from Life, Health, to single-item insurance.


De-mystifying and democratising banking by offering investment options in fractions and future-proofing your finances.


Customer service with a human touch. Our support teams and call centres are here whenever you need us.

High quality banking, from start to end.

We’re hyper-focused on adding efficiencies, reliability and flexibility across our hardware, software and processes. It’s just the way we are.

More bank for your buck

Our data analytics allows us to understand you better. Because we use it to listen, learn, and optimise. Enhanced credit decisioning allows us to extend credit to those who weren’t able to get it from other banks. Or bespoke banking for all, with the right set of products for each customer from the Tyme suite.



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Group Story

We are a multi-country digital banking group focused on bridging the digital divide in emerging markets, by integrating into physical retail ecosystems. We are driven by the conviction that broadening economic participation unlocks human potential.